About Us

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Southern Born and Southern RED.

We’re comedy and writing partners, Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester …the Liberal Rednecks. We perform scathing political satire—while celebrating all that’s good about the South . Yes, a bonafide Redneck Revolution while standing proudly blue in a sea of red.

We confront outdated traditions and intolerant attitudes, tackling everything people think they know about the South—the good, the bad, the glorious, and the shameful. Home to some of the best music, athletes, soldiers, whiskey, waffles, and weather the country has to offer, the South has also been bathing in backward bathroom bills and other bigoted legislation …we just love pointing out the obvious.

We’re in the middle of our wellRed Comedy Tour 2016, traveling across this great country of ours …come see us!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just found ya’ll!! All my family are from Tenneesee and I myself lived in Lafollette for a while where my poor daddy was the city manager and felt the Campbell County noose of stupidity tighten on more than one occasion. Caused us to flee for the even deeper South of Florida where we still abide. Loved the bit on the Southern funeral. When my sweet Papa died in Middle Tennessee my husband (Eupopean by birth) had no idea what he was about to experience when we went ‘up the house’. Pie, pie and more pie…oh….and chicken. But his favorite was the white bread sandwiches at the funeral home…love the videos and blog posts…ya’ll got, it figured out…because after all…ya’ll means ALL!


  2. Just so you know, I’m the lady behind Sadie’s Gathering- Trae, one of your videos was shared with me on Google, then I had to see more. Called you Brilliant on Twitter and you liked that comment and made me pleased as punch.
    I’m the Susan B Anthony dressed up in Uncle Sam’s ensemble.
    Corey, read your HuffPost Let’s Take A Knee For A Second, and then watched all of your clips on LA’s Improv site. Class act.

    Would be pleased as punch if you swing by Sadie’s Gathering -> http://www.sadiesgathering.com Been political for the last year, but before that I wrote about whatever struck my fancy; parenting, vibrators, condoms, Poopourri, SNL Sketches I’d like to see, Pet Peeves, recipes and more.

    Just to let you know I’m a Hillbilly for Hillary. I’m married to a redneck from northern FL, but he’s conservative- yup, makes for interesting conversation and some passive aggressive jabs.

    I need your help- don’t know if the subject is true, and I hope it’s not. Saw that Anderson Cooper was not planning on voting, – and sorry, but can’t have that, this election. Here’s my post where I bitch about it -> http://www.sadiesgathering.com/2016/09/anderson-cooper-is-not-voting.html

    Hope you swing by and drop me a line. Have fun on your tour, and get your sweet buns up to Chicago!

    Tootles for now.

    Sus of Sadie’s Gathering.


  3. I saw one of Trae’s videos on a friends Facebook and was hooked. Trae’s eloquent, biting prose of his views hits hard on today’s issues: Liberal, Conservative, Straight, whatever Race, Straight or Gay doesn’t matter. I was fortunate to see you guys at The San Jose Improv and brought a friend who is now a convert. Best wishes to all three of you talented guys. Hope to see more of you.
    The Power Ranger’s will never be the same in my eyes….LOL

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