Night Kaep. 


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Sup Sundy Besters? Corey here.  How’s your week? Full of divisiveness and despair? Heard that.

Swear to god, when it comes to hiding out from political drama and hypocritically-butt-hurt-right-wingers,  you can’t even seek refuge in football anymore.

While Kaep tried his best to hold the peaceful protest that has been requested from the ever squawking  “don’t tread on me” bunch, it turns out that when they said “as long as it’s peaceful, we don’t mind if you protest”, what they really meant was “hey boy, the sand’s been scattered on the stage. Get to soft-shoeing or shut the fuck up!”

That’s right, Trumpites, Trumpateers, Pregame Trumps… Whatever y’all are calling yourselves. You’ve been exposed!

Respect the flag… but not people:)

Turns out, it’s not a peaceful protest you want from the black community. What has bothered you isn’t the outliers who (sadly) promote violence at BLM movements even though you’ve so cleverly hidden behind that. Nope. Not at all. What bothers you is when someone accurately calls you on your bullshit and does it in such a way that you end up exposing yourselves as the racists you are.

Colin Kaepernick stood up (err, didn’t) for the oppression and mistreatment of minorities in this country.

A lot of you then took to Twitter to call him a n****r.

Not sure if you’re familiar with Irony, but if it could be measured in kegs of beer,the amount y’all have going on could bring Keith Moon back to life and then choke him to death again (given he didn’t take a look at the Bravo Network and slit his throat)

Really? Y’all are gonna burn his jerseys over this shit? Checks out… I remember when everyone burned Big Ben (sexual assault) Ray Rice (domestic violence) and Adrian Peterson’s (child abuse) jersey. Wait… No I don’t.

Not saying it didn’t happen, but it didn’t spread like crotch bugs all over social media like this one.

Rape a woman, beat your kid, punch your wife… All is forgiven. You’re a man, you couldn’t help it…. But fail to participate in a Pavlovian ritual to raise awareness for very real and very statistically accurate atrocities in this country? Oh yeah “I hope that n**** tears his ACL.”

You think not standing up while a song plays is disrespectful to this country? Maybe so… But if that’s the case, I can tell you a few more things that “trump” that notion by a large margin:

1.) Proudly calling our country a Melting Pot while trying to strain out everything but the broth. (Sorry, White Folk. We broth)

2.) Voting for the defundment of a helpful organization like Planned Parenthood while not knowing shit about them.

3.) Denying evidence for global warming because you don’t want to change a single aspect of your stupid shitty fucking life.

4.) Continuing to allow rapists to walk free by perpetuating the “boys will be boys” level of victim shaming.

5.) Being more pissed off at a protest than what it was protesting.

6.) Calling the President a n****r

These are some very common threads amongst the “make America great again” folk.
I tell ya what, Trump isn’t necessarily wrong in the assertion that America isn’t as Great as it could be… But going backwards ain’t the solution, y’all.
You think Black people are making this shit up? You think they just love getting together like this to protest? Considering a lot of you racist assholes claim that black people don’t work, they sure do seem to go to the most meetings.
There is a fairly common theory amongst racist folk (regardless of where they live) that the Black Lives Matter movement comes from the long-standing notion that black people (that’s not the word they used) just want a free ride. Think we owe em something.
That reminds me of a story:
One time, while I was living in New York, I was walking around with a dude I had just met at work (Cashier at Eddie Bauer, thank God for Trae) and we saw a homeless guy with a shopping cart digging through several trash cans to get cans that he could trade in for cash.

I honestly didn’t even really notice it, as id been in New York a while, but my young friend took the time to make a point to me: “Fucking bum.. Why doesn’t he just get a job. Everyone wants something for nothing”

I had to speak up: “Dude… We stand in the A/C all day and sell ski jackets to divorced ladies with fake titties. What that guy is doing is work. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck us”

So concerning the scrutiny recieved by the Black Lives Matters movement. Considering the backlash that Kaep is facing. And considering the countless young men left for dead in the streets for “resisting” arrest for a crime they didn’t commit.. Well, it just seems like a lot of work for 40 acres and a mule.
Bye y’all. Love you.

11 thoughts on “Night Kaep. 

  1. If you can’t face the problems within you’re ranks and those who commit biased offenses against the citizens they are suppose to protect or in lack of good problem solving training with in the system. Then how the hell will you ever fix it. How many officers cringe in the locker rooms at the racist comments and jokes made by others. Do you really think it is right to have people who degrade others and use their hardship as a JOKE protecting the citizens of you’re city. You’re community the very people who put their trust in you protecting them when no one else would. And then wonder why many citizens wont trust you to protect them. Why should they you wont protect them from those who use their life’s as target practice who wig out at the first stressful situation and who use their life’s and death’s as a punch line in their jokes and who use personal biases to determine who should be protected regardless of what the law says. Why should we trust you when you wont clean house and protect us from them. I applaud this man for standing up and shinning a bright light on these problems in hopes that maybe he could start a dialog to bring about change. There something seriously wrong with our society when we are all to willing elect a man who does nothing but spew hate and bigotry. When we let officers go who have clearly shot and killed a citizen or child unjustly. and when a officer can not keep level headed enough to not shoot a innocent citizen all because of the fear because of the color of their skin or because they may be gay or have a religion they don’t believe in or they live their life’s according to their beliefs harming no one and not yours but is not fired or at the very least put threw extensive training before allowed back on the force as well as psychological testing and extensive therapy. You tell me there is nothing wrong with our country and law enforcement and rampaged wide spread bigotry and injustice in the light of all this and I will tell you you have blinders on and need help yourself.

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    1. I totally agree with you. One big problem we have is the retaliation taken against good cops who speak out against the bad cops. A cousin of mine went through hell when he spoke out about the corruption in his department. Death threats were made, his vehicles were vandalized, his barn was set on fire, his dog was poisoned …..he finally moved out of state but had to change careers because he was black balled by his previous department. Could this be why more good cops stay silent???


  2. Dude, spot on. Had a conversation at work with an older woman who was furious that he didn’t stand up. I had to remind her that part of being an American is having the right to NOT stand up during the national anthem. People fought and died so we could protest in anyway we want to, as long as it’s peaceful. Your work is great and you yell it true with great humor. Thanks


  3. of all the things the NFL players do and get away with….and no one says shit….but here he decides to protest silently and all hell breaks loose….just like the hissy fit they threw when Gabby didn’t put her hand over heart….well whoop dee do….big friggin’ do….what did they have to say about old what’s his name, the swimmer , who vandalized that place….boys will be boys crap….I wish 1 of the white privilege QB would show some guts and sit his ass down in solidarity….but that ain’t gonna happen


  4. Herr Drumpf and his legions of Drumpf Fucks…….making America hate again! Or making it safe and normal to be racist, xenophobic and phobic period…whatever rolls off your forked lizard tongues! You dudes are the ONLY political and social commentary I pay attention to these days. Keep up the good twerks and me and my hot liberal lady plan on seeing ya’ll here in New Orleans on November 10! So don’t go and do no damn Lynyrd Skynyrd shit on us! Safe travels and rock on dudes!

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  5. When I was US Army enlisted, and deploying for the Gulf back in 90/91, there were a few smattering of protesters who were protesting against the build up in Saudi Arabia for the war. I remember walking by them while knowing I had my deployment letter back home for the following week, and thinking “that’s why I do this. I’m protecting their right to protest against something they feel our country shouldn’t be doing. I had mixed thoughts myself, but I packed up and shipped out for my duty/job/country. I had flight attendants upgrade my regular commercial seats to first class and thank me for my service and all, but I also remembered thinking that it’s all these folks I’m ostensibly fighting my country for and it made me proud of that fact. It would have been much harder for me then to think that I was also serving the folks pictured above who attack peaceful protesters with just grievances. Then again, I also remember being told by a drill sergeant in Kentucky right before a weekend leave that I need to watch my back out in the town as it was klan country. Heck, I was just going off post to get a pizza, soda and shop at the US Cavalry store, but that made me wonder about who f’ed up our country was that a volunteer soldier has to worry about being attacked based on his skin color, by the people he’s serving. Well, all said, I guess my service was ultimately for them as well, and I did it willingly.

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