You’ll Never Take Old Dixie From The Boy 

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Completely SOLD OUT at the DC Improv – 300 awesome fans. Skeeeew!


Hot damn, you guys! This past week has been just plum ON FIRE! Seriously can’t thank the good folks of Washington DC and New York City enough.

If we are being honest, wasn’t too sure how the folks above the Mason Dixon were gonna take to the wellRED boys…. I mean, sure.. We’ve all performed outside the South individually, but this package deal we got going is pretty in-your-face Red assery (I mean hell, we read books and shit, but still!)

Turns out, there are liberal rednecks everywhere and we are super happy to know that. SOLD OUT both shows and had some of the best crowds any of us have encountered over the years.

The first night in DC was something special because… Y’all… MIKE FUCKING BIRBIGLIA came to the show!

Birbiglia hits so goddamn hard.

After we talked to literally every single sumbitch that was at the show, we hopped back in the Jeep and headed to NYC.

Thats how CoFo feels about Jeeps

We got to New York thinking we was gonna have time to butt with all our old friends (butt means “to hang out”) but alas, duty called. Trae was a guest on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang Channel 121. Then we had a few meetings with Sirius XM. Holy shit, y’all.



The meetings hit and we even got to fuck with there extremely hittin coffee room. Shout out to Jack Vaughn who was cool as hell.

look at all that goddamn milk. CoFo bout died.

After all that mess, we headed over to Gotham. A literal legendary club that dumbasses like us just get to hang out in. Hits.

The show couldn’t have gone better and all of our New York comedian buddies came out to see us!!! (Probably cause we let their sorry asses in for free)

we all had boners

For all of us here at The wellRED Tour… this was a landmark week in our careers. We are over the moon happy and feel so blessed that y’all let us talk about politics and ding dongs. There’s another run of SOLD OUT shows net week in NC. We told ya there’s good folks out there and you ain’t alone in your beliefs.

Drew modeling our new LIMITED EDITION Carny Handed Mango Man merch designed by a fan! (Thank you Patrick @MellonNoggin)

Please check back to for future dates. We really wanna see yuns on the road! There’s a national tour in the works for Fall and we are busy getting our ducks in a row before the big announcement in a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “You’ll Never Take Old Dixie From The Boy 

  1. Congratulations, guys!

    In several interviews I’ve heard either Trae or all of you (on the Jeff Messer show in Asheville for instance) say that one of the responses you get is from fellow Southern liberals saying “It’s so great to hear our sensibilities finally being heard, that we aren’t all Bible thumpers, racists and dipshits. Well, this comment is one of those.

    Add to that I’m a gay atheist liberal redneck from smallish-town Tennessee, and the cognitive dissonance can be even worse. But it’s not like we huddle in our houses, without friends and like-minded people around us. There are lots of us, we just don’t get much notice. It’s really not like everyone in the south is some wobbly-necked codger mega-church pastor, or some wannabe conservative darling like Knoxville area politico Stacey Campfield, asking ourselves “What crazy shit can I pull out of my ass next?”

    It’s isn’t that we don’t know we’re HERE, but we never seem to get much notice. We are pretty much invisible and yes, many are “in the closet.” So I greatly appreciate both your great comedy and the reminder that we are here. So rock on, and best wishes for future success!



    1. We moved to tiny town Tennessee to retire last year from Vegas, yes, we probably should be sent to a nursing home after that bonehead move. Dementia much?? Pretty sure these former hippie liberal old folks became invisible as soon as the neighbors saw our Nevada license plates and heard west coast speak. And we aren’t church goers so they’re pretty sure we worship the devil and sacrifice small animals I’m betting. And yeah, the cute old farmhouse is for sale now. I just need a community with a Trader Joe’s and life will be OK again. 🙂


      1. If it’s a truly tiny town it may not work out for you. But move into any (non-Christian) college town in TN and you’ll find people much like you. It’s a bit like the Goldilocks story- “This city is too big! This picturesque hamlet is too small!” Find something in between and it might fit just right. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for Trader Joes: if that’s your yardstick for an affordable, livable place in Tennessee you might as well start packing now because it ain’t gonna happen in the foreseeable future.


      2. Sounds a bit like our story. However, we knew what we were jumping into. As a community needing Unitarian Universalist, I came to a town close enough to a UU church, a Trader Joe’s, and a Whole Foods.
        But if not for our wellRed guys, I wouldn’t have the laughter to keep me happy while wracking up the Kroger points.


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! Congratulations y’all. I’m a liberal (more country folk than redneck.) But I live in Arizona, which is kind of like if the South moved to the desert. So, like a lot of liberal rednecks, I tend to fly under the radar. There are people around here who would shoot up my ass if they knew what I thought.
    I heard Trae mention a while back that some west coast liberals were Shocked that there was anyone in the south wasn’t a bible thumping bigot. Since I come from a rural (as we call it Rrrrrr-ul) area, I wasn’t surprised at all. I went to school in Florida and lived in Georgia so I speak “southern” pretty well. So, keep doing what you’re doing. You have a big audience in all corners of the U.S. I can’t wait to see what happens with your careers!


  3. Former Seattle liberal here, retired and moved to coastal Oregon, stayed liberal, and after the Roseburg school shooting and the delisting of wolves from the state Endangered Species Act because we still have (count ’em) 85 known wolves in the state (the number is sometimes given as 81, but I like to cling to hope), I began feeling like, whoa, I do not own a truck, I do not wear camo or a baseball hat, and I DO NOT own any guns or support Donald Trump, all of which means I wonder if I’m in the right place at ALL.

    Then, Trae, I saw one of your videos on Facebook and felt like, while I may feel like a duck out of water here, I’ve got you to remind me that liberals are everywhere, although some of us may not be as courageous or funny as you. Take me for example! Anyway. Do keep doing what you’re doing. You’re more needed than maybe you even know.


  4. This former Mississippian who done run off to the great northwest would LOVE to see your sorry asses in the gloriously hippie town of Olympia, WA. PLEASE add Olympia to your tour!


  5. Love you guys Trae. You basically do for us liberal rednecks what Trump does for his followers (in a good way). I grew up in a household with no air conditioning and only one name for a colored man. My Pop had a seventh grade education and worked as a car mechanic. He was a member of the John Burch Society and subscribed to The Thunderbolt newspaper. (you have to be pretty old school redneck to know what that was.) Anyway he loved his kids and sent us to good schools where we were taught to think for ourselves. As a result my sister and I are both liberal atheists (we’re old and have been liberal probably since high school). I’ve supported Bernie but will certainly vote for “Crooked Hillary”. Saw you at the Punchline and had a great time. Keep it goin man. Live up in the mountains near Clarkesville GA now. Give us a holler if your in the area. I’m In the book. – Buddy Chewning


  6. Hey Trea, I’m a Country girl born and raised up in the head of a holler in McDowell County West Virginia, I have 6 brothers and sisters and my Daddy was a Coal Miner. We lived on pinto beans, Cornbread and fried tators, and got one pair of shoes a year and never wore shoes in the summer time. I guess we were about as redneck as you could get back in the day. I escaped the holler and getting barefoot and pregnant, and went on to College after High School, I got a Bachelor of Science degree and was a teacher for 23 years. After 18 years of marriage and a divorce I found myself back in West Virginia, and I absolutely hate it. I don’t necessarily hate the state but these people here drive me crazy. They’re all bible thumping, gun toting, back woods, Trumpsters. I don’t consider myself a redneck anymore, but I am still a Country girl, and definitely a liberal. The first time I heard one of your videos on Facebook, I nearly died laughing. For the first time in a long time someone ( you) we’re calling it just like I see it. You are by far the funniest person, and you tell it like it is, and I love the way you speak your mind and don’t give a damn who likes it and who don’t. Politically you see things exactly like I do. So keep talking shit and I’ll keep listening. I’m telling everyone I know about you. I’m absolutely loving it.! Come to Charleston West Virginia and do a show! I would love to see you! You are my hero! Trae Crowder for President! !!!
    Two chains! Lol


  7. So awesome! I was hoping to see you all in Raleigh, NC next week, but sadly (for me, anyway) that show is sold out! 🙂


  8. this is kinda like watching a rocket taking off in slow motion. with so much corporate engineered “entertainmernt” out here, from the beatles on up to currrent boy bands and beiber-esque manufactured crapola, it is wonderful to see honest guys relying on their talent getting the recognition they derserve. I predict, very shortly, there will no longer be “producers” nor “editors” nor “publishers” filtering out what our corporate masters dec
    ide is not good for them. the internet rulz!!!!!


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