Say Hi To Papaw

Hey Sundy-Besters! Corey here once again. I really wish I didn’t have to be coming to you all like this, but we’ve had another bad week in the Forrester household. If you have kept up with me at all in my career, then you are probably familiar with my Granny Bain. She was the best … More Say Hi To Papaw

Moment of OSB Silence

Hey everybody, Trae here. Today is Sunday and normally that would mean another riveting edition of OurSundyBest. And we had one in the hopper too, almost done, but honestly it just feels….wrong, somehow to post it now. Tone deaf, or something. Also it’s NOT yet done and this is supposed to be a comedy blog and none … More Moment of OSB Silence

Bernie Sanders is That Beautiful, Magnificent, Dead Gorilla.

DREW (@averagedrew): Tragedy befell our country this week. A gorilla died. And he was beautiful. He was. However you felt about him, you’d have to admit he was magnificent. Let us mourn him. The gorilla’s name was Bernie Sanders. When his time was up, he held in his powerful grip a little boy – a … More Bernie Sanders is That Beautiful, Magnificent, Dead Gorilla.